i am chachi boy bones

stupid photo contest February 20, 2010

Filed under: stupid dogs — chachi boy bones @ 8:18 pm

hola friends! it is me, chachi boy bones. i must tell you- i am very perturbed right now. my stupid mom entered both of my stupid sisters in some stupid photo contest and didn’t enter me! wtf, stupid mom? i am cute, i am chihuahua. well, bol, neither of my stupid sisters won that photo contest. stupid mom- i would have won! chachi boy bones would have been picked as the top dog! she thinks just because i am small, small that i can’t be in a big, big photo contest?! stupid mom! i will show her- i will enter a photo contest on my own and WIN IT ALL! now, i must find a photo contest that i know i can win… that will show my stupid mom and stupid sisters just who is the cutest- it is me, chachi boy bones!


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